Sunday, June 22, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 3

You know what's awesome? Shopping for candy. Usually buying candy is totally ancillary to your primary shopping goal; it's just an impulse buy at the check-out or when you walk by the post-holiday sale tables after Easter and Halloween. But to go to the store for the express purpose of purchasing a big basket of candy? It's a wonderful feeling, like being a kid in a... store... of some sort. A porn store. Yeah, like a kid in a porn store. Anyway, go try it sometime, seriously.

My candy expedition the last few days led me to one of my favorite places ever, World Market. They sell beer and Buddha statues there! And the candy selection is amazing, they have all kinds of German and Swiss chocolates and wacky Asian candy and English cookies, but they call them biscuits for some reason. I think it must be a metric thing.

Anyway, today's candy is not an import but a product of World Market, Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Cordials. I had a choice between these and the Caramel Apple Chews they had, and, coming off the Caramel Nirvana that is Cow Tales, I decided to go for the Cordials. Plus they sounded like those chocolate oranges that you whack on the table. Those things are so good.

The first one I ate was interesting. It was very sweet, but there wasn't much cordial filling, no chocolate taste and it almost felt like there was some kinda crunchy shell in the middle, almost like the inside of a Whopper. I bit another one in half to check out the infrastructure and, with cordial goo running down my chin, I found a red, waxy outside, a dark chocolate part, and white crusty stuff surrounding what was left of the liquid center. I think that the crusty stuff was just crystallized sugar from the cordial filling, which meant that the candy was probably old or something. Interestingly enough, though, the crusty bit gave it a pretty good texture in an otherwise meh candy. I ate about half of these before I threw them out. They were sweet, which was good, but I expected more from World Market. Plus I think in the back of my head I was wishing I'd gotten the Caramel Apple Chews instead. That's OK though, I bough a big sack o' candy from them so their reputation can be redeemed soon.

Bonus candy! A woman I work with gave me an itty-bitty Toblerone today. Hoorah! She's helping me keep the 'candy' in Candy Ramadan.


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Noochie said...

Spam makes Baby Jeebus cry ^^^^^^^

Well, as everyone knows, I hate anything with flavor, so Candy Ramadan would be no good for me. But if there's one thing I know about the Sea Hag, it's that she loves candy ... and peppers. OK, that's two things. But I digress ...

With that in mind, I suggest this site for all her candy and pepper needs:

Sea Hag said...

Was that really my first spam comment or did that guy just really, really need to buy a vowel?

I don't know why I talk to you sometimes, Nooch. You are so mean to me. POR QUE!?!?!?!