Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 5

With the horror of yesterday's candy selection still festering in my colon, I was eager for something from the Sack O' Candy that wouldn't make me want to rip out my tongue and stomp it in the dirt. So today I went for the bag of California Marich Candy Champagne Truffles from the awesome DeKalb Farmer's Market. They have a pretty cool candy selection there and almost all of it has to do with things covered and smothered in chocolate goodness. The best thing about their selection is it's all in cellophane bags which are priced according to weight, so if you want to try something out you can just grab the smallest bag, which is what I did with these truffles. They were only $3!

These little truffles were shaped more like an outsized Whopper, and they had a good, very slightly chewy chocolately center surrounded by a waxy protective coat that kinda tasted vaguely like the Farmer's Market smells. They were best when you sucked on them and they melted in your mouth. I couldn't taste the champagne part, but for $3 for a bag of them they were pretty righteous.


Operation Af-Candy-stan! Do you know a soldier serving in the Middle East or know an organization who will pass on donations to troops? Please let the Reese's Piece Corps know in the comments so we can make a rad candy donation!

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