Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sea Hag's triumphant return!

Hello all you wonderful people! Your favorite Sea Hag is finally back, and when I'm done getting all the beach sand out of my crevices I will tell you how my Candy-cation went.

In the mean time, the very sexy people at did an article about me! I am an internet celebrity, just like that that girl who farts on cakes and that cat who wants cheeseburgers! For anyone who has wandered over here from Candy Addict and left a nice comment, I really appreciate it! And for anyone who has been reading before I sold out, you get lots of Hipster-Cred Points.

3 comments: said...

Wow - we at Candy Addict are "very sexy people"? SWEET!


Sea Hag said...

But of course! Any Candy Addict is HAWTT (with an extra awesome t!)

Dragon said...

We always knew you were awesome and now the whole world knows the awesomness that is SEA HAG.

Congrats baby!