Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Candy-cation! Day 7

In a roll of Fruit Mentos, the strawberry-flavored ones would be the Queen Mentos, and the rest would be the Worker Mentos. Seriously, the other flavors are there just to preserve your dignity so you don't shove the whole tube down your throat in like six seconds. Of course, I have seen that they make a strawberry-only roll now but I have (so far) successfully avoided them like a recovering pot addict will stay away from a Dave Matthews Band concert.

But oh! I gave up years of Strawberry Mento sobriety when I saw a roll of Strawberry Yoghurt Mentos. Strawberry! Yoghurt! Is that the metric spelling of 'yogurt' or something? Am I supposed to pronounce it yog-hurt? Anyway, I couldn't resist. I'm not made of stone, you know!
These were pretty good, I think think the ones I got were at the end of their fresh shelf-life but I still scarfed them down pretty quickly. They kind of tasted like a strawberry milkshake, like a sweeter, less-intense regular strawberry Mento. By the way, the UK version of the Mentos website has hot girls in bikinis all over it, and the US website is hella-lame. Maybe British bikini babes are attracted to that extraneous h.

On my last day in St. Maarten I saw this little German kid asleep at the beach and he was wearing awesome candy shorts:

It was a good way to end my Candy-cation.

And so ends my nearly two-month long boring-ass recap of Candy-cation. Huzzahs! Now we can move on to other things.

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Hyperion said...

I think Mentos should come out with a huge variety pack bag like Jelly Bellies does, with all the crazy flavors on the back. It could be a whole thing for them.