Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sea Hag gets all political and stuff

Separated at birth?

GOP Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin:

And that woman who played the therapist from 'The Sopranos'?

Cindy McCain, wife of GOP presidential nominee John McCain:

And that woman I hate from Food Network, Sandra Lee?


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I'm pretty sure I'll be going to the 10th circle of hell for this but..what the heck.
When I saw this pic of Cindy McCain"

I thought of the Crypt Keeper.

I'm sorry.

Sea Hag said...

Wow, who opened the Ark around those two?

And I accept any and all bashing of any political people on here.

Hyperion said...

I can't believe I never commented on this, but I think Sarah Palin looks a lot like the teacher/stripper from VARSITY BLUES.

Sadly, because of Tina Fey, no one will care.

Of course, if Obama wins, you'll have to find comparisons to Michelle Obama and Biden's wife.