Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sea Hag: The Artistic Side

I totally took this picture last week. Cool, huh? I shall call my picture "Zorak Sitting on Some Kind Of Flower I Don't Know What It's Called But It Looks Cool In Front Of Some Random House In Decatur While I Was Wandering Around With Noochie".


jw said...

... just as Noochie's camera batteries went dead so he couldn't take an even better picture with his kick-ass camera that he was toting around, dragging me to all sorts of places I'd never been in Decatur because of his undisputed awesomeness and irrepressible knowledge of the surroundings of Decatur, which include unscrupulously chanting high schoolers and ghost train stations."

I didn't think your photo title was long enough, so I thought I'd round it out.

jo nathan said...

I LOVE IT...the title just as much as the pic.