Thursday, November 23, 2006

No idea why I thought of this today

You've seen 'The Sound of Music" right? The one with Julie Andrews. Rodgers and Hammerstein. Right. Anyway, you know who my favorite character is? The Baroness. She's such a great villain, shrewd and back-stabbing and ice-princess beautiful, but when she saw that Captain Von Trapp preferred Maria's vanilla pudding of a personality, she very gracefully took her leave. That's classy! Plus, she was a Baroness so she wasn't a gold-digger or anything, I guess she just really dug her some Christopher Plummer. Also, I know people think that she was horrible to the Von Trapp kids, but damn, there were SEVEN of them! And they were total brats, I can't blame her for wanting to send them to boarding school. I mean, they ran off all those governesses with spiders and snakes and frogs and whatever, and most disturbingly, they never once mentioned their poor dead mother, as in 'gee, I miss Mom.' Not once! Plus good God, they sang all the damn time once Maria got a hold of them.

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