Monday, April 23, 2007

Chattanoooooga! Part 1

I went to Chattanooga a few weeks ago with Noochie. It was fun! I took pictures and everything. Here are some from the 'art' district of Chatty.

This was some outdoor art. Actually, it was kind of a corral for metal outdoor sculptures.

This one escaped from the pen, and appears to be contemplating jumping into the Tennessee River. Don't do it ! You have so much to live for!

Scrap metal + soldering gun = art, apparently.

I call this one 'Gleaming the Azaleas'.

In Soviet Russia, art draws you!

Here is Noochie admiring what appears to be a giant bronzed paper airplane. Actually, Nooch looks frightened and confused by this sculpture.

Noochie later took out his pent-up aggression and rage against all things bronzed and art-like by punching a little sculpture girl in the head.


Dragon said...

Love the photos. Noochie is a bit of a hottie. :)

Noochie said...

It's true. I can't hide it anymore.