Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sea Hag does Frolicon

Ever heard of Frolicon? Neither had I, but the Atlanta Psytrance folks were invited to play this year, and I managed to snag a free ticket because they are nice and include me in their reindeer games. Seriously, they're kick-ass people. Send them cookies.

Here's Franklin and Michael mixing up some funky beats. Rave on, Franklin! (By the way, Michael's rad braids are courtesy of Sea Hag).

Anyway, on the Frolicon web site it lists this event as an adult sci-fi convention. Hey, I'm all about geeking it out, so that sounded like fun. Plus, you know, free ticket and no little brats running around. How could I refuse?

So, we checked in with the badge people and I got my badge with no incident in the hotel lobby. Coolness. Then we approached the curtained-off entrance to the con.

Oh my.

I don't know where the 'sci-fi' part of the convention came into play (and next time I'll be sure to actually read the information on the web site and not just give it a quick peek), but it sure as hell had the 'adult' part down. Here's a partial list of things that I experienced whilst there:

1. I got my ass grabbed like 3 times.

2. I ate part of some girl's candy bra.

3. Some dude carrying a 4-foot wooden paddle around invited me up to his room for 'some of his homemade mead' (which was by far the worst pick-up line I'd ever heard).

4. I saw my cousin's mom there (she was married to my mom's brother, so that makes her my aunt by marriage, or something like that. They're divorced now, but still, she's my Aunt Yvonne).

5. Yvonne gave me some kinda crazy-strong liquor and I was pretty plastered.

6. Which was good because it desensitized me to the various people wandering around naked. I'd never seen so many nipples before in my life.

7. Also to the people who were walking around naked with whip marks and bleeding cuts on their backs.

8. Also to the room we wandered into where people were like tied up and getting beaten and whipped and shit. There were many bare red asses to be seen (and possibly grabbed).

9. Also to the story someone told me about walking into someone's room and watching someone get fisted.

10. Also the the dude dressed up like Jesus next to the dude dressed up like the Easter Bunny. Actually...that was pretty damn funny.

Here's Candy Bra Girl and her guy friend with Frankin The Traveling Gnome. Franklin had a really good time at Frolicon, as you can plainly see. Actually, Candy Bra Girl was cool and she was pretty cute. I'm glad I partook of her sugary lingerie.

Above all else, stumbling upon the whipping room was a totally weird and surreal experience. I mean, I understand the excitement behind role-playing and dressing up. I can appreciate the appeal of bondage and yielding control over to someone else (though there can be an element of humiliation I totally don't get, but that's just me). But these were people who not only got into S&M stuff and role-playing, but they liked to do it in front of other people. But then you have to figure that there are people who like to watch people being exhibitionist butt-slappers! And that by standing there watching (in other words, gawking like an idiot), I was part of the whole process! Then I thought, I wonder if there are people who are getting off on watching people watch people? My mind, she was blown.

Final verdict: I would totally go again next year, but would more than likely have to be fortified by copious amounts of alcohol. And possibly a naughty school girl outfit and a saddle.


Dragon said...

Do they make candy bras in Double D's?

tiff said...

holy smokes!! what a party!!