Monday, December 10, 2007

Sea Hag's Ultra Fabulous 2007 Music Review : Mobius Band

This was one of those years where all the were planets were aligned in such a way that it caused pretty much all of my favorite musicians to release an album, so it was a pretty busy year for Sea Hag's iPod. This year included several sophomore efforts, new bands, and stuff from old favorites. Was any of it good? Did any of it suck? Can Sea Hag actually not sound like a pretentious music critic?

Mobius Band

I wanted to love this album. God, how I wanted to love it like its predecessors 'The Loving Sounds of Static' and the practically flawless 'City Vs. Country' EP. But for some reason someone shitcanned all the guitars in favor of complete synthy boop-boops and brought lead singer Ben Sterling's voice to the forefront instead of letting it melt in with all the other instruments. The result is kinda... blah. There also seems to be more of an emphasis on the lyrics on this album, which really isn't their strong suit. Their last album and EP were great because they had this wonderful shoegazer vibe going on, with lush instruments and pushed-back vocals. The lyrics were abstract and dreamy and they really complimented the sound they created. But this new album, not so much.

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