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Sea Hag's Ultra Fabulous 2007 Music Review : Let's Go Sailing

Let's Go Sailing
The Chaos In Order

Sometimes you can't help but like a band simply based on the way you discovered them: your best friend told you about them, you saw them play in a bar before they hit it big, you randomly bought a CD based solely on the cool cover art. I found Let's Go Sailing through Gil The Crab.

One day I watched all of the Honda Element commercials online and I totally geeked out over the Gil The Crab ones. ("I pinch" is still a popular catchphrase in the Sea Hag household.) So later on that day I scoured the internet for more about my new pinchy friend and came across his MySpace page. The song he had on his page was "Sideways" by Let's Go Sailing. Sideways? Crab? Get it? Heh heh, clever little crustacean. Anyway, I really liked this song so I bought their entire album.

This album turned out to be pretty good. Shana Levy's sweet, breathy voice adds a poignant, fragile quality to some of the quieter songs on this album, and a cheerful, girly kick to the more upbeat ones. Lyrically it's a little uneven, going from the bare-but-brilliant:

And all I want from you is love
And all I want from you is love

(Does she mean it as though it's the easiest thing to give or receive? The simplest? The hardest?)

To the clunky:

It hurts like a splinter stuck in your foot
And you've tried, but can't get it out.

And of course, you walk in the heat for miles.

You forget the pain, but it comes back after a while.

But in all, this is a great, solid indie-pop CD, and I think they'll just get better.

Recommended songs:
"All I Want From You Is Love"
"Come Home Safely"

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