Sunday, January 27, 2008

... and now for something completely different.


That is all.


Sarge said...

Hmmmm. What can this be about?

As a musician, I know that there is a form of ancient music known as a "canticle". I think this is a song about inability.

Is a "testicle" an ancient song about school examinations or would that be a "quisicle"?

Is a "particle" a song about components of a whole, a "cuticle" a song about attractiveness?

Noochie said...

Mmmmmm .... Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Sea Hag said...

Ohhh... upstaged in my own comments!

suburbanhomo said...


I needed this post today for a mid-day laugh.

Sarge said...

Noochie, last time I had Rocky Mountain Oysters a phenomenon was noticed: all the males present had a somewhat distressed look on their faces and kept their legs very close together while our good host was plying his tenderizer on the "oysters". The women present thought it was a real hoot.

A couple of us males commented that the womenfolk present ingested them with a certain gusto and with certain gleam in their eyes...which the women pooh-poohed.

Yet, I'd swear they gave us certain calculating looks...

Sea Hag said...

When I need to keep menfolk in line I just clean my gun in the living room.

Sarge said...

My wife just employs "The Death Look", it's always worked.

Miss S. H., my wife is also a very good shot, loves to do target practice.

Nothing like seeing your spouse using a .50 Barrett and consistantly hitting targets out 600 to 800 yards to make a guy sit up and take notice.

She had jury duty once, and we were going upstairs after she got back, she mentioning where she ate lunch. She specifically mentioned the soup and its fine quality.

I asked, since she was engaged in the courts, if she'd had the "soup de facto or the soup de jure".

She stopped, turned and looked at me, well, very consideringly. Said, "They'll probably say, 'too bad your husband had one of his seizures on the sairs and fell and broke his neck, but just how DID that footprint get in the middle of his chest?'"

My wife was my very first date, has been a great spouse and freind for almost half a century...but I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have been wise to be terrified of the woman.

Sea Hag said...

Soup de jure. Heh heh heh.

Wow... almost 50 years! I can't even wrap my head around that.

Sarge said...

I once asked a judge if their favorite Italian food was TORTalini. She was unamused.

Koz said...

If Hillary Clinton gave Barack Obama one of her testicles they'd both have two.