Friday, June 20, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 1

So I started off this most tasty of holy holidays with a candy I'd never tried before, a Mallo Cup. Mallo Cups are like peanut butter cups but instead of a gritty, oily center these had marshmallow fluff and chunks of dessicated coconut. At first I was wary of any candy that had fruit in it, because I didn't want to fill up on empty vitamins, but the coconut was practically at the end of the ingredients list and it was completely drenched in sugar and corn syrup, so I figured it was good. Plus I like the word 'dessicated'.

I bought these at Jo-Ann Fabrics today while I was looking for some mosaic tiles to glue all over my fireplace (security deposit be damned). I got out to the car and bit into one immediately, wanting to eat it before it got all hot and gooey. The first bite was so face-meltingly sweet that my teeth ached until I bought a Diet Coke and rinsed my mouth out.

Needless to say, it was AWESOME. There aren't that many candies that are so purely devoted to the unencumbered delivery of sugar in all of its wonderful forms. They always want to put some kind of organic dark chocolate or protein-rich nuts or fruit flavors in there and fuck up the sugar. But not Mallo Cups! It was super-sweet chocolate covering fluffy sugar goo and sugar-soaked coconut flakes. This was a really awesome way to start off Candy Ramadan.


Bob said...

Great review of Mallo Cups. Interesting that you found them at JoAnn Fabrics, how random. My grandfather actually started the company way back when - Bill Boyer (with his brother, my uncle, Bob Boyer). My family's far removed from the company now, but I still love candy, I have a candy blog called, and if you're looking for more sugary, retro treats, you can check out

Sea Hag said...

Get out of town, you're part of the Mallo Cup family? That's awesome!

I went to 4 grocery stores yesterday in search of new candy and Jo-Ann's had the best, freshest selection by far. It was totally weird.

I'll take a look at your sites!