Monday, July 14, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 25

When I bought the sack of dark chocolate cacao nibs from the DeKalb Farmer's Market I was pretty stoked because I'd always wanted to try them, but then I made the mistake of going to World Market afterwards and saw something called a Chocolate Nibby Bar, which had cacao nibs in it too. Why oh why didn't I go to World Market first? I could've had a Nibby Bar! Nibby Nibby Nibbynibbynibby! That is a great name for a cat. Come here, little Nibby! Come get some Meow Mix!

In spite of the fact that these things look a little like rabbit poops, they're pretty good. Sort of like tiny chocolate-covered espresso beans. If you're into dark chocolate this would definitely be your thing. But, just like the candy sunflower seeds, I think they'd be better as an ingredient in something, like cookies. I might try to come up with a good cookie recipe for these some time.


Koz said...

Nibby Bar - LOL

Sounds like a gentlemans club that has the Air Conditioner on too high?

CandyAddict said...

I SO love that you embraced my Candy Ramadan idea and ran with it - excellent candy commentary! I'd love to ask you a few questions, if you're game. Please email me!


Sea Hag said...

Dude, Atlanta needs Nibby Bar.

Hooray another visit from Candy Addict! It's like a visit from my candy messiah!