Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Candy Detox: Day 4

OK, so I might have found the first healthy candy that doesn't make me want to yank out my tongue and stomp on it: Bija Omega Truffles. I found these in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods near all the good lip balm and the wacky health supplements they sell. I liked the fact that these candies were marketed as being like a vitamin and not an 'energy' bar or whatever. Plus I really like hazelnut flavored anything so I got these.

The first bite of these were a thick milk chocolate shell with some sort of flaky "99% organic" stuff in the middle. It was smooth, creamy, oily, and sweet with a little bitterness to it, which was at first pretty off-putting, but it's the same exact taste of the skin of a hazelnut and it went nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate and made me ignore all of the "Udo's Oil 3-6-9 Blend" I was ingesting and was sure to be shortly Slip 'N' Sliding out of my colon in a few hours.

And just what is this Udo's Oil, you may ask? At first, I had thought it said Udon's Oil so I thought it might be full of those really big fat Japanese noodles. Michael, who I made try one of these truffles, said that Udo was a guy's name in Germany, so I was worried that it was like, one of those things that was supposed to make me get a big boner or grow a testicle or something. (I keep checking, and I'm still an innie, thank Flying Spaghetti Monster.) Finally I looked it up and it's like, some kind of essential fatty acids that body builders swear by to help them lose fat (huh?) but help their skin to keep from looking totally leathery. So I guess it's supposed to give me a nice, shiny coat and help with any potential 'roid rage.

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