Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Take it off!

So a few nights ago I went with some friends to The Pink Pony. For those of you who don't know of this establishment, or can't figure it out by the name, this is a fully-nude-lady strip club in Atlanta. It's great for many reasons: they serve alcohol, the strippers are usually very nice and cute, there is a good variety of strippers there, from very natural-looking girls to uber bodacious ones, and it is one of the very few places that has stripper poles.

I had a great time. I got way drunk and saw tons of naked ladies, and what's even better is that there were other women there enjoying the scene and having a good time.

I think there's a natural curiosity for many of us middle-class suburban girls with people who work in the sex industry. Maybe it's because the whole enterprise is presented to us (directly or indirectly) as we're growing up as the very lowest station in life one can sink to. You study hard, make honor roll, get accepted to college so you don't become a stripper or a hooker or whatever. And, of course, being human begins, we are often attracted to the very things that seemed so forbidden and opposite our own experiences. Or maybe we're just seeking some bad-girl cred.

Or maybe it's just a matter of the boundaries we perceive between 'normal' and 'abnormal' sexually are starting to become more relaxed. After all, things like homosexuality, pornography and fetishes, while not exactly accepted by everyone, are definitely more mainstream than they were just one generation ago. So maybe as we become more open-minded as a society, having a job in the sex industry is seen as not really that big of a deal anymore.

Of course, there are those people who frown upon stripping because they feel it exploits women, and they certainly have a point. But then, aren't men and their desires being exploited as well at the same time? For example, there was one very pretty dancer who got up for her set on the big stage, and a young, well-dressed man came up and started dropping dollar bills on the stage. Hundreds of them. Literally. She had so much money by the end that she literally couldn't hold it all, and they had to get her a bucket to haul it off in. We cheered for her, and I'm guessing she walked off with maybe around $500 bucks just for being naked for about 5 minutes. Hell, I get naked every day in the shower and I certainly don't get paid, so you have to wonder who exactly is getting 'exploited' when she walked off with more money than some people make in a week. If that doesn't deserve a big ol' you go girl! then I don't know what does.

I suppose that if you are a stripper you are privy to some seriously odd people though, but then I think everyone has to put on their game face to go to work so I suppose it's not terribly different. It probably takes a long time to unwind and kinda settle back into your body though.

Anyway, enough for my thoughts on boobies for the time being. If you'd like to learn more about boobies, visit your local library! (Sea Hag suggests 'Candy Girl' by Diablo Cody and 'Strip City' by Lily Burana).


jw said...

How dare you say us men are being exploi ... Mmmmmm ...... boobies .....

tiff said...

For all my supposed heterosexuality, something about Dita Van Teese just does it for me.....

so, yeah, yay for relaxed attitudes!