Monday, November 19, 2007

Sea Hag Predicts The Future!

A few weeks ago I was eating at Jason's Deli (Jason, wherever you are... marry me) with Noochie and we sat next to a 12-year-old kid who was eating lunch with his mother. Actually, he was ignoring his mother and his tasty, tasty sandwich for his Rubik's Cube.

This reminded me of the worst job I ever had, the four months I worked for KB Toys. By the way, those four months were the holiday months, and that year was the Year of the Furby. I think our store received a grand total of like 12 of those little fuckers to sell. Way to keep up with the demand there, KB. Anyway, it also turned out to be the Year Of The Yo-Yo. I remember stocking $20 yo-yos on a shelf one day and wondering who the fuck played with yo-yos? Kids who got tired of chasing a hoop with a stick? And also, who in the hell would pay $20 for a damn yo-yo? A week later a kid came in the store and wanted said $20 yo-yo, and we wound up selling hundreds of those damn things.

So anyway, this is my prediction for this upcoming holiday season: Rubik's Cubes are going to where it's at. Buy stock.


Sarge said...

Fads are really interesting.

I remember the hula hoop, I could never get one to work, my sister and mother could keep it up for hours. An uncle tried one and hurt his back, and my father tried once, got it going, turned an intersting color, got an odd look on his face, and projectile vomitted across the room. That was enough for HIM.

The yo-yo seems to come and go, doesn't it? My wife has never been able to "achieve a state of Yo" as the Smothers Brothers called it, but I was pretty good with one.

I learned a valuable less on Dangerous Words.

I could do all kinds of tricks and even do two yo-yo's at time.

Dangerous Words were uttered by me, "Watch This!" and I began to do my stuff. I was doing my favorite, 'Around the World', when the string slipped off my finger and the yo-yo discribed a trajectory which carried it dead center into my mothers favorite lamp which exploded with a horrible crash.

Other Words of Ill Portent were uttered by my parents: "Gimme that! What's WRONG with you!!??" which portended other unpleasantness which followed quickly.

Haven't touched a yo-yo since, been over fifty years.

Dragon said...

Yay, Sea Hag is back!!!

Koz said...

I've never eaten at Jasons. What other sandwich place is it comparable to?