Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 12

Today we visit the fourth continent on my religious candy pilgrimage with Australia's Darrell Lea Mango Soft Licorice. I discovered the world of soft licorice on the way back home from a rafting trip with Noochie. I made him stop at an outlet mall and I went in the Harry & David, thinking that I'd find me some discount Moose Munch. Unfortunately it wasn't an outlet store, just a regular store in an outlet mall. I think that's bullshit, but whatever.

I saw some raspberry soft licorice there and I bought it, being a licorice fan and a candy freak on top of that. It was soooooo good, it's got the greatest texture, chewy but not sticky. Since then I've sampled a few different soft licorices, still in search of that initial chewy high. I'm chasing the Soft Licorice Dragon, man.

I spotted these at World Market and I had to try them. I love mango and I was curious how they'd taste, because there are very few mango candies and of those I don't think I've had some that tastes anywhere how an actual mango tastes. This stuff was AWESOME. Michael and I (who also shares my soft licorice Jones) demolished the bag in about ten minutes in between songs on Guitar Hero on Tour. The wonderful mango flavor combined with the awesome texture made me forget how much my wrist hurt and how much I hate that one Maroon 5 song that's on the game.

Now I just need to try some candy from Africa, South America and Antarctica and I'll be all set.

Operation Af-Candy-Stan: Many people have asked me if I'm actually going to do this, and I really am. So if anyone has any good suggestions for troops to send candy to or an organization The Reece's Piece Corps can make a donation to, please let me know!


Noochie said...

The bag says it's "Full Flavored, The Way Licorice Used to Be!" Did I miss the flavoring down of licorice over the years? Is there a line of delineation between "Full Flavored" licorice and its current, half-flavored cousin?

Sea Hag said...

OF all people, I'd think you'd enjoy the systematic de-flavorization of our candy.

Noochie said...

Ah, I didn't say I didn't like the idea, just that I wasn't aware of its existence. This might make me reconsider the lack of candy in my diet.

Sea Hag said...

Nothing would make me happier if you embraced candy as I do.

Lilly said...

Hmm... my kinda-sorta boyfriend and his unit (of Marines! stop with the dirty thoughts!) are leaving for Iraq in October. So it might be a little far away for your liking. But you can send packages to soldiers / sailors / marines / air...people? through the site anysoldier dot com. It's pretty sweet; they send letters and stuff back, too.

Sea Hag said...

Lilly! Thank you for the heads-up about that site and supporting Operation Af-Candy-Stan! And if you're still good with your Marine's... unit in October I'd be glad to send some candy out.