Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 13

I spotted today's candy at the check-out line at Publix a few days ago, and I was totally psyched because I'd read about the Premium M&Ms on the Candy Addict site last month and I'd been dying to try them. They had a bunch of flavors to choose from: Mocha, Triple Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and the one I picked, Raspberry Almond. These were so new that they didn't even have the SKU information in the registers. They're so new that I couldn't find an image of them online so I had to take a picture myself. They're so new that the M&Ms web site doesn't even mention them. That's how awesome I am, people. I'm on the candy cutting edge.

The Raspberry Almond M&Ms are an almond covered in white chocolate then covered in dark chocolate, which is covered by a funky metallic outside. The chocolates were very creamy. The raspberry flavoring lives in one of the chocolate coatings, I'm not sure which one. At first I thought these were very tasty. I shared with several people and they all agreed that my initial tastiness appraisal was accurate. However! I spent the rest of the afternoon snarfing these down (there are a lot more in a package that it seems) and I thought that what it was lacking was the trademark crunchy candy shell. These had a weird outside layer that looked and felt like dried nail polish. After consuming these all day long I think the texture of it started to be a little off-putting, especially when I tried to suck it all off. Eww. But in small doses, these were very good.

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