Thursday, July 03, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 14

It's day 14 here in the candy trenches, and I have yet another retro candy I never ate as a kid: Strawberry Charleston Chew. Don't get me wrong, I've had many a Charleston Chew in my day, but I've only ever had the regular vanilla one. So I was eager to try the strawberry one I found at Fry's this past weekend.

The inside of every Charleston Chew is some sort of excellent marshmallow-taffy hybrid, and the outside is waxy, crumbly chocolate coating. The strawberry one has a violent pink center and a tastes as much like a real strawberry as Strawberry Yoo-Hoo. I'm a big fan of fake fruit flavor though. Grape, blue raspberry, strawberry and banana are the best ones. I mean, real grapes don't taste like purple sugar, right? But it's still delicious.

Iy says on the label to try the strawberry Charleston Chew frozen, but I figured after the horrors inflicted on my teeth from the red bean candy and the Abba-Zaba I'd pass this time.


Noochie said...

"The strawberry one has a violent pink center"

Violent candy? Awesome. Was it wielding a knife? Was it seeking vengeance for your cold-blooded massacre of its candy breathren? And, most importantly, are you OK after surviving its attack long enough to blog about it?

I might have to pick me up some of this shit.

Koz said...

I love things that are pink on the inside.

Sea Hag said...

We all love pink parts, Koz.

It was a pink so bright and artificial it was physically damaging to my retinas and probably my large intestine. It was so delicious. See what fun you miss when you shun flavor?

Rosa said...

Charleston Chews are seriously improved by freezing. They don't get unbearably hard or anything. Instead, they just cleanly cleave when you bite it while melting into chewiness in your mouth. It's weird and awesome and addictive, I think.