Friday, July 04, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 15

I was hoping to have something really good for Candy Ramadan Hump Day, but my prime hours of eating and thinking about candy were consumed* instead by my job. To think they actually wanted me to work at work! Why can't I have a sugar daddy?**

So today's candy will be hastily scarfed down as I'm writing this, which is not how I like to enjoy my daily candy offering. I like to savor the flavor. But the Mint Crisp M&Ms I am eating aren't exactly a delicacy. They're supposed to be a limited edition thing to go along with the recent Indiana Jones movie, but I'm sure they'll be available in some form until the end of the year. Hopefully they will be better than the movie, which was kind of a suck fest.

Nom nom nom... these are good, sort of like a Andes Chocolate Mint with a crunchy bit on the inside. Some of the Ms printed on the candies have a little Indiana Jones hat on them. That's pretty cute. They sure are minty, though. The chocolate is not terribly prominent.

OK, now that I've eaten half the bag the minty-ness is getting to me. I can't imagine eating a whole bag of these in one sitting. These things are so minty my head feels like it's been dipped in Vick's Vaporub. Even my ears feel minty. I feel like I just ate an assload of breath mints for lunch because I forgot my sandwich and my wallet on the kitchen counter and I was so hungry I had to raid the secretary's candy dish while she was at Panera Bread Company with the accounting department, only some shit heap ate all her good candy so all that's left is a handful of peppermints from the Sonic drive-thru that she found in the bottom of her purse while she was looking for her tube of Chap-Stik and she just tossed them in the candy dish because she didn't
know what else to do with them and they were taking up valuable real estate in her new knock-off Coach handbag she bought for ten bucks on e-Bay.***

In all, they're not bad but I think I will be using the rest of this bag as an after-dinner palate cleanser instead of candy.

* I'm so punny.
** See what I mean?
*** I think we've all been there.


Noochie said...

Saturday afternoon and, yet, no Day 16 of Candy Ramadan story? We want candy! We want candy!

Sea Hag said...

I do have it ready, I just had issues with my internetz last night. I should have it up today some time.

Noochie said...

Woo-hoo! We all love Sea Hag and her many candy ruminations.