Saturday, July 05, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 16

I have no idea what the official name of today's candy is. I tried to Google it but nothing came up when I typed in "Seven, Machete Thing, Upside-Down Seven, Dash, Two Raindrops, Bigger Machete" for the name. It's from Japan and I got it at Super H Mart, which is my very favorite Mart. I just bought it because it promises to be full of 'season flavor' and it had a picture of a banana split on it. Ice cream + candy? YES PLEASE.

Basically this is the same thing as the milk candy I had a few days ago, only it has the added benefit of having a slight banana flavor and some little red things which I really hope are just strawberry seeds and not some kind of crunchy larvae. It also has a weird aftertaste, like the same kind of chemical taste that happens when you eat sugar-free candy. I checked the ingredients label, which was printed in English (thank you, FDA!) and there is no sucralose or aspartame in it. Just lots of corn syrup, sweet nectar of the gods.

I just noticed that the bag has a big picture of an unwrapped piece of candy with a lot of Japanese writing and arrows pointing at it, and the candy has a cool silver outline around it, like it's glowing. Does this mean the candy will give me super powers? Will I finally get laser eyes? I just ate the whole bag, and nothing yet. Maybe it takes a while to kick in.

Candy bonus! I got two more baby Toblerones from a co-worker and someone else gave me a tiny bag of gummy bears from Germany. I didn't eat the gummy bears because that guy was a total stranger... but does this mean I have a face that makes people want to give me free candy? Wait... could that be my super power?!?!?!


Noochie said...

Laser eyes! Pchoo, pchoo, pchoo!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sea Hag,

The name of your Japanese Candy is Huru-tsu Pahu-e, or, translated from the fake English, Fruits Parfait. (Oops, it says that in English on the bag.)

I am so enjoying Candy Ramadan!


P.S. I also read some of the laser eye stuff on the bag (thanks for the extra big pic) and it says:

ichigo razuberi kuranberi no huru-tsu [something] banana pyu-re

(Or: strawberry raspberry cranberry's fruits [] banana puree)


banira bi-n zu [something] ri sohuto kyande-

(or: vanilla bean [] soft candy)

Rosa said...

Just had to share that your opening paragraph made me laugh out loud. And made my mother look at me funnily.

Sea Hag said...

Thanks Nina for the translation! I'm glad that I didn't eat anything that might have been made out of moose eyeballs or something.

Thanks for the comment, rosa!