Sunday, July 06, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 17

Sky Bar:
A Study in Haiku

Fry's Electronics
An unbeknownst purveyor
of candy goodness

In the check-out line
Sky Bars wait on bottom shelf
I love impulse buys

Retro candy treat
Four flavors wrapped in chocolate
Those seem like good odds

First bite of caramel
(Pronounced with two syllables
to fit the haiku)

Too sweet and gritty
Covered in crap chocolate
I wish for Rolos

Fudge for second piece
Takes alarming amount of
Time to masticate

Peanut butter third-
Oh God! The peanut butter!
That horrid filling

Words fail to describe
Such a vile, rancid treatment
of that beloved food

Oily and bitter
I would much rather snack on
a used toilet seat

Last is vanilla
May be the best by far but
that's not saying much

Oh my dear Sky Bar
Waste of a good idea
My hopes have faded

Necco Company
Please stick to those wafer things
Leave chocolate alone

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