Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Candy Ramadan: Day 19

You know what's the shit? A Toffee Crisp bar! This little nugget of joy comes from the UK and I got it at World Market. And! And! It wasn't stale! Bonus! Ding ding ding ding!

I got the Toffee Crisp because I'll support any company that dares to use the phrase 'Chewy Munch' on a wrapper. It's basically like the British 100 Grand Bar, but there's more Rice Krispies in the Toffee Crisp bar and less caramel, which, surprisingly makes it better because the two textures are perfectly balanced.

The only problem I had with this candy is my weird tendency to type 'Toffee Crips' instead of 'Toffee Crisp'. I don't think I'd want to try a Toffee Crips bar. Blood 4 Life!!!!*

Update! Thanks to the sexy advice from reader bonnjill, I sent the following e-mail to the fart-eaters at Flyer Chocolates:

Dear Flyer Chocolates:

I purchased a Flyer Gold Plane No. 1 bar for the first time at the Alon's Bakery in Atlanta, Georgia last week. I have been doing a project where I try a new candy every day until I turn 30 and the combination of pecans, caramel and dark chocolate in your candy bar sounded really good.

I was really disappointed when I opened the package yesterday and I saw that the chocolate had 'bloomed': there was a film of white stuff all over the bar, and the texture was crumbly and tasted pretty awful. The caramel was grainy and, in all, this candy was amongst one of the worst I'd had this past month... and I've tried a candy that tasted like refried beans, so that's saying a lot.

Obviously, there was a problem storing these candy bars where the temperatures they were exposed to caused your product to become inedible. I hope that, in the future, you will be able to figure out how to correct this because it seems like such a waste of good candy.

Sea Hag

We'll just see what, or if, they bother to respond.

*No, not really.


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Can you get KinderEggs? They're worth a shot. Illegal in the US, but available every where else in the world.

Candy with a surprise in the center! Yay!

Sea Hag said...

Illegal candy? I must have it!!!!